First Time Visitors:

* Our service lasts approximately 45 minutes. The pastor's sermons explain how scripture relates to everyday life .

* Dress for worship is casual to business casual.

* We welcome and encourage children to participate in the worship service. We have a cry-room available for parents who would prefer to worship in a space where their children can play.

* We give offerings as a part of our worship to reflect our trust that God provides all of our needs. Guests are not expected to participate in this part of our worship.

* We celebrate Holy Communion every Sunday. Holy Communion is open to anyone who desires a deeper relationship with Jesus.  After the pastor reads the words of blessing, she holds up the bread and we eat the bread, then she holds up the juice and we drink the juice. 

* Prayer requests are written on cards and given to the ushers for the pastor to read after Holy Communion.

To Join In Worship & Service:

To join us in worship or in anything else - just come. You are invited to learn, explore, and experience God's love alongside us exactly how you are.

To Join The Christian Faith:

To join the Christian faith means you realize Jesus loves you and that He died and rose again so that you could have a relationship with Him. In response to His love, you commit your life to loving Him and loving others. When someone has reached this understanding and are ready for this commitment, they are baptized. This is God's way of adopting us into HIs family.
We baptize the babies of Christian parents so that the child will grow up always knowing the love of Jesus and what it means to be part of God's family.